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Ecokids clothing collection and children's sale - July 2016

I decided to arrange a clothing collection as other PSAs have found them successful, and it requires relatively little input from parents (other than filling a bag with unwanted items and dropping it into school) and volunteers (I could do it all myself!) In addition, the church will support us by asking for donations from the congregation.
We simply get together at least 50 bags full of clothing, shoes and accessories (adults or children’s), ecokids collects and weighs the items, and pays us 50 p a kilo for them. They are then, in Ecokids’ words, “recycled to deprived families in countries in Eastern Europe and Africa”. You will receive full details of what you can donate (and a bag to fill, although you can fill bin bags as well if you are having a clear out!) in book bags during the week beginning 27th June, but, if you do want to get started early, see
We have also had requests for a children’s clothing sale at school and Julie (Georgia, Beech and Lizzie, Oak) has volunteered to organize this. Therefore, it makes sense to combine the two! The clothing sale will require greater input from parents in terms of sorting clothes, and we will need a few helpers for the sale itself. We are conscious that we have asked a lot of you all this term, so please do not feel you have to contribute to this (a bag of clothes for ecokids is more than enough). But, if you are not yet suffering from total PSA fatigue, this will involve selecting some pristine, high quality items for children of school age (we are emphasizing quality as we think one or two nearly new Boden or Polarn items will sell better than a pile of Gap t-shirts), bagging them in bags labelled with size and gender (meaning we won’t need hordes of volunteers to sort through items), and donating them during the week beginning 4th July at the same time as – but separately from! – the ecokids bags. Again, full details will be included in book bags along with the ecokids information.
The sale will be held at 2.30 pm on Monday 11th July. A selection of unsold items will be available to purchase on the secret Facebook page on Monday night / Tuesday. All unsold items will then be added to the ecokids collection on Wednesday 13th July.

Michelle Christophorou, Co-Chair

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