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Funds Raised

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Matched Giving

Does your employer run a matched giving or matched funding scheme? Those who do will usually pledge a sum of money relating to funds that their employee has raised for a registered charity such as the PSA. So, if you volunteer at a cake sale or a stall at the Christmas Fair, you might be able to double the profits raised. Your employer might also match any cash you donate to the PSA. There is usually a cap on the maximum amount an employer will donate per employee each year.

?For example, PWC will match any funds raised by a volunteer up a maximum of £250 a year; Barclays will match fund up to £750 per year; and Cable and Wireless and Yorkshire Bank up to £1,000 a year.

?If you do not know, please ask your manager or a member of your HR team. And then please let a member of the PSA committee know, so that we can maximise any funds raised in future.

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