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Harvest Creatures

Potato friends

Potato friends (204KB)

Wriggly caterpillar

Wriggly caterpillar (180KB)

Avocado creature

Avocado creature (176KB)

Owls afraid of the dark

Owls afraid of the dark (259KB)

L'il owl

L'il owl (110KB)


Woof! (134KB)

Conker giraffe

Conker giraffe (122KB)

Winning ginger squirrel

Winning ginger squirrel (193KB)

Pumpkin spider

Pumpkin spider (203KB)

Two big goggly eyes

Two big goggly eyes (174KB)

Carroty spider or spidery carrots?

Carroty spider or spidery carrots? (190KB)

Potato penguin

Potato penguin (118KB)

Batty Bat

Batty Bat (198KB)

...and winning rat

...and winning rat (182KB)

Pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight! (113KB)

Lopsided mouse

Lopsided mouse (130KB)

Beautiful dragonflies

Beautiful dragonflies (169KB)

Hedgehog and owl friends

Hedgehog and owl friends (221KB)

Ladybird, ladybird

Ladybird, ladybird (203KB)


Flutter-by (251KB)

Garlic ears

Garlic ears (217KB)

Perfect peacock

Perfect peacock (150KB)

Mighty pincers

Mighty pincers (186KB)







Flower petal patterns

Flower petal patterns (192KB)

Winning dragon

Winning dragon (222KB)

Peacock preening

Peacock preening (114KB)


Winning tiger

Winning tiger (238KB)



Miss W's personal favourite...

Miss W's personal favourite... (201KB)

Small Things on a Leaf

Small Things on a Leaf (236KB)



Love-a-duck (132KB)



A very hungry caterpillar

A very hungry caterpillar (228KB)

Winning banana dolphins

Winning banana dolphins (208KB)

I don't want to meet YOU on a dark night!

I don't want to meet YOU on a dark night! (241KB)

Simple hedgehog

Simple hedgehog (140KB)


Corny creature

Corny creature (263KB)

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