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Did you know that behind the scenes of our school are eleven volunteers who work tirelessly to support me and my staff in our work. These volunteers form our Governing Body.
There are different categories of governors.
At St Nics’ we have:
2 Parent Governors –elected by and from the parents/carers of the children currently in school
1 Staff Governor –elected by all staff employed at school
7 Foundation Governors –As a voluntary aided school we have governors appointed by the Diocese or St Nicolas’ Parish Council, and one appointed by All Saints Parish Council. Fr Andrew is a de facto governor as part of his role as Rector of St Nics' Church
1 Community Governor -The LA governor is expected to represent the LA and its policies on the governing body.
As headteacher, I am also (though I don’t have to be) a governor
So why do schools bother having a Governing Body?
Leading a school in this day and age is a complicated and demanding role for anyone. The headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day internal organisation, leadership, management and control of the school, and for advising the Governing Body. Both head and Governing Body work in partnership to promote the school’s mission and ethos, and to foster school improvement and high quality education.
Governors have three main roles:
·         To provide strategic direction for the school
·         To act as a critical friend to the headteacher
·         To ensure accountability
They also carry out a number of other important duties, which include:
·         Determining broadly how the school's budget is spent
·         The appointment of certain staff
·         Setting standards for pupils' behaviour
·         Making sure the site is safe
·         Setting and monitoring certain school policies, including collective worship
·         Monitoring the quality of educational standards
The members of my current Governing Body provide me with ears that listen, shoulders that support and hands that help, together with differing perspectives, common sense advice and much humour. I value their commitment, enthusiasm and trust.
Kate W

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Our Current Governors

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