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We believe that it is vital to establish a positive and constructive partnership between home and school. We pursue an ‘Open Door’ policy so that you, as parents and carers, feel you can informally approach the teaching and leadership staff with any questions, suggestions, issues or concerns, whether large or small. Experience has shown us that there is very little we cannot find a way through if the school community works together. However, if we don’t know about it, we can’t help, so please always come and talk, write a note, drop us an email (head@ or info@) or pick up the phone (01483 561639). Do not ever feel that you are bothering us!
  • The Start of the School Day: class teachers are extremely busy at dropping-off time settling the children. If you have information about your child for the day ahead, the teaching assistants are usually visible around the cloakrooms to take any messages. If your child is an Early Bird, EB staff will pass on any messages for teachers or information to the office.
  • Parents’ Drop Boxes: We also now have green drop boxes next to every classroom door. These are checked immediately after registration so any notes will be picked up straightaway. If the message is written in your child’s reading record, pop that in the box so the teacher knows you need her to check it.
  • Teaching Assistants: can help with routine information. However, please don’t ask TAs about your child’s welfare and learning in school; such conversations are for class teachers or school leadership.
  • Newsletters: probably the main means of communication between school and home with much information about the day-to-day events and organisation of the school on them. These arrive on Fridays by Parentmail, and the website has a dedicated link on the Home page with current and past editions. We plead with you to please read newsletters thoroughly as the office  spends much time fielding questions from parents about information already on them. Thank you!
  • Parentmail: All manner of information comes through parentmail on random occasions depending on the information it contains. We can tailor this to reach the whole school, individual classes or year groups, or smaller audiences such as parents of after-school clubs, or PSA committee members, etc.
  • School Website: has an abundance of information for parents including school policies, school calendar, guidance for supporting your child’s learning at home and copies of letters and forms. Please take time to make yourself familiar with it.
  • Mrs Williams, school secretary, and fount of all school knowledge, is available throughout the day. At dropping-off time, she is to be found just inside the double doors for handing in information, dinner money, etc. and for routine queries. Miss W is usually around at drop off time too.
  • Class Teachers: will always make time to talk with you if you have more than a passing enquiry or comment. They are very flexible and can arrange longer meetings after school, or can talk to you by phone. Please email head@ or info@, or phone the office  to arrange the earliest date and time for the two of you to get together. Please note that, apart from in the most exceptional circumstances, teaching staff do not engage in email communication directly with parents.
  • Class Reps: each class has two reps whose role is to facilitate the exchange of information between home and school. Like the TAs, they are not there to discuss your child’s welfare or learning and will direct you to the class teacher in this event.
  • Parent Governors: are currently Emran Sattar  and Nicola Ward. Emran and Nic are there to chat about school life with you but will direct you to school leadership if the matter is of any significant concern.
  • Parent Noticeboard: is under hall windows and has all sorts of information including the week’s menu and a copy of the newsletter.
  • PSA Noticeboards: are next to the library door and to the right of the double doors.
  • Meet the Teacher: At the start of the school year, we have meetings at school for you to get to know the teacher, hear about the class curriculum and organisation, and to ask any questions.
  • Curriculum meetings: We run a range of curriculum meetings for parents to help you understand our approach to your child’s learning and how you can support this at home.
  • Parents’ evenings: During the Autumn and Spring terms there are ‘formal’ parents evenings when you sign up for a slot to discuss your child’s learning. There is a chance to look at books and folders too, although this year, we are also introducing…
  • Open Drawer Sessions: These will be after school at pick-up time on designated days a couple of times a term when you can come into class and share your child’s learning with them. The class teacher will be around on these occasions but the idea is that your child can bring you into class and chat with you about class life and what they have been doing.
  • End-of-year report: In July, you will receive a comprehensive written report about your child’s progress over the school year.
  • Parent questionnaires: You get to give us your opinions more formally through our annual questionnaire in May. We value your views; we collate the results and make changes in school practice and provision if suggestions are feasible. We sometimes put out other questionnaires to gather your views. You can also give your views through ParentView (see Useful Links page).
There is a school policy called Responding to Parents’ Concerns, available on the website or from the office in hard copy. This details the procedure in the event you may have a complaint against the school.
As a school, our Open Door approach has negated the need for this policy to be put into practice for the past seven years...


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